Puppy Plans


Satinka is pregnant!
We have seen a belly full with little Storytellers, so we hope to welcome them
at the beginning of October 2021...

A Dogs Tale WSa

With proud we introduce you to our new upcoming combination

Spencer & Satinka 

Spencer caught my eye a long time ago and I can tell you that he fulfilles my expectations. His appereance, character and bloodlines made him for me the perfect match for our Kennel. Spencer has a steady and balanced character. A laid back boy with always a friendly attitude, never searching for trouble and always wants to please. Other animals, kids, strangers are no issue for him. So when I saw him, he came and cuddled me I was sold (you must know I am not a male RR person ?). He also works as an assistant/co-worker with his owner Carmen Paul in her dog training sessions and is a great help when it comes to work with dogs who have behaviour problems or lack in communication skills. He is just there, always calm and strong with a charisma every dog understands. What he loves most is retrieving in all possible ways, and also maintrailing is what he likes. For more information about Spencer please click HERE
Satinka is my girl, my shadow and mirror and she follows me where ever I go. She loves to please me, but can also have a mind of her own. And thats what I love about her. She loves to chase rabbits or hares. And even a group of sheep she loves to herd them into a corner and than she looks at me with that look, just done it for you mommie. ❤️?? For more information about Satinka please click HERE
Thank you Carmen for your help and trust in our girl Satinka and us. 


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